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Kelly - Austin Escort

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Good afternoon,

Hello there!

I'm Kelly, and it's lovely to meet you!

I certainly hope I'll to be the one that gets to enjoy your wonderful company today!

I'm located here in Austin, however I don't mind traveling or flying out as long as it can be discussed with enough time to plan.

I have a cheerful personality and long blonde hair.

My background is in corporate advertising and I still do some freelance work on the side.

I speak over 19 different variations of languages, and I can talk dirty in all of them ;).

My eyes are bright green and my skin is naturally tan from playing at the beach so much ;)

You can always find me outdoors, or curled up with my favorite book. (Anything by Kerouac.)

I'm a modern chick, but I grew up adoring the dames from the black & white era.

(Which is probably why I look like such a pin up doll!)

My legs are long and my curves are thick, but my waist is super tiny!

So if you've always wanted to know what it was like to be with Marilyn....

I'm definitely your girl!

I know...

I'll be the perfect lady...

To make all your xxxxx thoughts come alive...

And show you everything...

You've been missing...


Allow me...

I specialize in fantasy, and fetish.

So tell me yours,

And let's make it happen darling!

Love always,


(Disclaimer* Expect punctuation upon arrival, (I like to be on time) and I prefer very responsive messages.
Please note that I plan to stay incredibly discreet, so the appt. must be set before numbers are exchanged.
I don't drink, but don't mind if you do. Believe me, I know how to have fun ;) sometimes even providing some of my own free time to connect and interact if you're a truly a gentleman. ;) I usually prefer a phone call before all appointments are set. If you do not have a hobby phone, we can always improvise.)

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